The testing phase begin

The testing phase begin

Camelot Unchained: The testing phase begin

The internal test of Camelot Unchained were started, as reported by Mark Jobs and the team of City State Entertainment. The amount of tests depends of the technical nature. It were performed the stress tests for the server and clients. To make a server tests, the City of Entertainemnt was working of their pool of testers, which included about 407 games. Even so huge server loading the results were gut: no reported crashes and stable server.
Those information show that efficiency of the server slowly come up to the expectations and also the Camelot Unchained battles based on PvP. Furthmore in one week will be introduced in the development team a new member: “He’s realy hardcore-player, designer and of course Rvr-player. He has a lot of experience in field of MMORPG. In particular, his recent experience in RVR make him an excellent addition to our team. ” I think it is an excellent information. It gives us hope that we are going to play without any problems- smoothly and with a big satisfaction in Release of Camelot Unchained.

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