Realms of Camelot Unchained

The dawn is comming. The Arthurians, the Tuatha Dé Dannan and the Vikings are grinding their swords, prepare their armours and are waiting for a signal – the sun. Ready to fight, without any fear, step by step reaching their limits. Which realm do you choose?


The Arthurians

The realm of King Arthur embodies his heroic deed that Arthur already learned as a boy. Their Kingdom does not belong to the definition of a typical ancient legend. Arthur’s belief rather to the nobility of the spirit of an individual and how it can be channeled and directed for the betterment of all is well represented here. The Arthurians believe that their are destined to save the world.

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The Tuata Dé Danann

They are called tree huggers, nature lovers and so on. But the Tuatha D… Danann are anything but that. Yes, they worship the forrest and all what is in it, but members of this kingdom defy the specific ideas of ohters. The Tuatha D… Danann are noble und proud beings. They didnt hope for great battles as the Vikings do, they rather see a battle as a challenge to rise of it and become even stronger. The Tuatha de Danann see death as a part of greater cycle, they will fight to the last. Those who go into their forests and expect so see a bunch of tiny faeries be disabused. Consider yourself warned.

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The Vikings

The realm of the Vikings is diverse. On the one hand they are traditionally, otherwise they are crazy and love the battle. For the Vikings is all about battles, big weapons and alcohol. Their favorite expression is” How long can Viking fight? Throughtout the day and over the night!”. As a realm they are regarded as fearless and and brave. All of the Vikings prefer to charge as first into battle. You should think twice to fight them. However some of the other realms think differently about them and say that they do that because they are not intelligent enough to know better. The Vikings believe that it was too much caution that got the world into the mess that it is now. Nobody embodies these thoughts as good as Sigurd, the leader of the Vikings. If Sigurd faced a dragon he just start to fight without think about the motivation or reason to fight.

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